How Well Do You Know Rihanna

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There Are So Many Rihanna Fans Out There That Just Listen To Her Music But If You Scored High On This Quiz It Proves Your Not Just A Fan Of The Songs She Sings!

Are You The Ultimate Super Rihanna Fan People Say They Are? Well You Will Be Able To Find Out By Doing This Quiz And Then You Will See What You're Results Are!

Created by: claire

  1. Where Was Rihanna Born?
  2. What Was Rihanna's First Song?
  3. Who Was Rihanna's First Boyfriend?
  4. What Was Rihanna's 2010 Album?
  5. which rihanna boyfriend broke up with her saying that his career is more important than her
  6. How Many Grammys Has Rihanna Won?
  7. What Is Rihannas Mothers Name?
  8. How Many Times Has Rihanna Covered Vogue?
  9. How Tall Is Rihanna?
  10. Rihanna Was Apparently To Blame Because Of A Fight Between?
  11. whats rihanna's album in 2016 called
  12. Rihanna's Real Life Bestfriend Is Called?
  13. How Many Tattoos Does Rihanna Have?
  14. guess the lyrics:you can run into my arms its okay dont be alarmed come here to me

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