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Rihanna is a Barbadian singer and song writer..She is one of the most famous female singers in H'wood..According to me the best vocal pair is Rihanna and Eminem!!

I'm not much of a huge Rihanna fan..but I like some of her songs very much especially when she's paired opposite Eminem..Take this quiz and find out how much u love Rihanna!

Created by: DeviL_Mayan
  1. When is her birthday? [Date]
  2. When is her birthday? [Month]
  3. When is her birthday? [Year]
  4. Her Mom's name is _________
  5. Her Father was an addict:
  6. She was an army cadet in a sub-military programme
  7. Rihanna was signed to Rogers' and Carl Sturken's production company at what age?
  8. She is not an actress
  9. The song Unfaithful is from her album, _____________
  10. When was it announced that Rihanna is set to be the new face of the forthcoming spring/summer 2014 campaign — due to appear in magazines from January — of the French fashion house Balmain

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