Are You A True Rihanna Fan?

There are lots of people who claim to be true Rihanna fans, but there are only a few real True Rihanna fans! Are you one of them? Do you think you know Rihanna inside out?

This quiz is for people who want to know if they are one of the few True Rihanna fans! in a few minutes, you'll know if you're one of them! But I have to warn you, it's not easy! To be a True Rihanna fan, you need to know her like the back of your hand! Good luck!

Created by: Nicole Alveraz
  1. What is Rihanna's full name?
  2. When was Rihanna Born?
  3. Where was Rihanna born?
  4. How many siblings does Rihanna have?
  5. As of now, what is Rihanna's relationship status?
  6. Which of these is Rihanna's third studio album?
  7. Which song is a collaboration of Rihanna and David Guetta?
  8. What song has the lyrics: "Do you right here while the whole world's watchin'"?
  9. Who was the guy who beat Rihanna up in 2009? (He was her best friend and they were deeply in love!)
  10. Which song is from Rihanna's album Loud?
  11. What movie did Rihanna first appear in? (She performed Pon De Replay.)
  12. In 2011 Rihanna went on a 6 month tour in 20 different countries. What was this tour called?
  13. In what country did Rihanna shoot her We Found Love video?
  14. On Talk That Talk, we heard a Snip of Birthday Cake, an exciting new song. We weren't too happy that it was only a snip; we wanted it all! Rihanna made a full virsion of the song with the most unexpected person! Who is this?
  15. Which song are these lyrics from: "This is a gang, ladies bang, baby bang"?
  16. In 2010, somebody released an song on the same day Rihanna released Only Girl. This person was strongly compared to Rihanna, having similar style and voice. Who is this?
  17. In May 2012, Rihanna will be appearing in what movie? (She's a navy weapons officer.)
  18. In which song can you find the lyrics: "Noone can do you the way that I do! Boy I want you ..."?
  19. What Does Rihanna plan to focus on in 2012?
  20. What song did Rihanna perform at the 2012 Grammy awards? (She did this as a solo, not with anyone.)
  21. Which of these songs is from Talk That Talk?
  22. What is Rihanna's dominant fan club called?
  23. Which song is from Music of the Sun
  24. Where did Rihanna go after the last show in her Loud tour?
  25. Which song should I play in a club full of party people? (It's a dancy pop song, a club banger!)
  26. Which song stayed on the Billboard Hot 100 for 11 weeks straight?
  27. Which of these songs was remixed with Britney Spears?
  28. In what city did Rihanna perform the first concert of the Loud tour? (It's in the United States.)
  29. Which artist was featured on the remix of We Found Love?
  30. Two British girls, Sophia Grace and her best friend Rosie, became internet sensations after Sopia Grace sang a cover for Nicki Minaj's Superbass. Later, the girls got a chance to meet Rihanna! On what show did they meet?
  31. Which song came from A Girl Like Me?
  32. Who is Rihanna's biggest idol?
  33. Which album features the song Disturbia?
  34. How many Grammy nominations did Rihanna have for the 2012 Grammies?
  35. What is Rihanna's favorite restaurant in LA?
  36. On the Jonathan Ross show, Rihanna stated that the only reason she went to the 2012 Brit awards was because she wanted to see which artist again?
  37. Rihanna was featured on whose title track? (The song is called Take Care.)
  38. Which of these songs is on Rated R?
  39. When somebody gives Rihanna a compliment, she usually says what?

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