Are you acpeted?

so it's telling me not to put into not repeat a text so basically I'm going to be talking about how I stand K-pop groups and some of my favorite so one of my favorites her mama or loveliest gwsm I don't know what else could I name off probably Girls generation they're kind of old I don't know I listen to them either way I oh twice rid of it I know very basic groups here laying offwork and practice to master what you have to do but it's very true that it could be a masterpiece full of a wonderful work of art examples like music art characteristics and so much more it could also be the meaning of your personality which a lot of people admire and really think that you're a very Jewel person but are you really could you really be a famous person could you really be a celebrity well there's a lot of things I have to you have to work hard obviously and you got to achieve the excess and you got to wait for it until it hits you and it gets like over a million views or something it's very simple and very easy just take this quiz and you'll find out your resuly because if not then it won't be right honestlytechnically you could be wearing so many awards that it would be very fun especially if you were making a lot of money off of YouTube then it would be a very successful way of how you would become very famous in the industry by making a bunch of money and of course making like 1 million 2.5 dollars in the United States also in other countries like 500 China or even Canada or no…

there and annoying you're done it'll beI can seriously though anyone wants to be a fan of someone and anyone has a fan that it's very strange and it has weird little crickets inside once a bug pops inside your back I think you will be very weird and scary of night light guns and then it comes right out it looks like a circulars that look like rolling eyes and a truly lips and once you have once you're sick you'll feel like someone at the very ill with an illness that's very insane so please don't take this if you're sick because it will make you feel very crappy it will just make it feel worse so that's my suggestion stupid I don't scared for the keyboard so I'm just going to say what I have in my hair and what's inside of my little strange 1900 college show it features Nia Forest Alicia and Morena or navy Sevilla or celebr what the heck are these names on making up

Created by: Anna Vamila Mix
  1. Have some stories with ya?
  2. Tell me 100s movies!
  3. Silly songs?
  4. Who's the best?
  5. Hard work. Missed spells wrong
  6. Unique Names. Afia Sladana Cagia Wei Melis Qing and Xue
  7. I love to learm
  8. You're a baby!
  9. Award?
  10. Eww boys!

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Quiz topic: Am I acpeted?

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