With Which Christian Denomination do your views most align?

Which of these denominations holds the views most similar to yours? I understand there are many more than nine groups, but I needed to stop somewhere.

For this quiz, I've attempted to define the beliefs of each denomination from the official confessions thereof, and also my perceptions about the range of belief within modern groups.

Created by: R. F. Lyle
  1. How many sacraments are there? (Even if you prefer a different term like mysteries or ordinances.)
  2. Are Infants rightfully baptized?
  3. Does Christ have two natures or one?
  4. What summarizes your eucharistic theology?
  5. Proper church governance would be described fundamentally as...
  6. Do the Books commonly called the Apocrypha or Deuterocanon belong in the Bible?
  7. Do you believe God's Predestination of his elect to eternal life is based on his foreseeing of some free action on the part of the elect?
  8. Is intercessory prayer, that is, asking saints in heaven to pray for us, an acceptable practice?
  9. Is it right to refer to Mary as Mother of God?
  10. Should Icons, statues, and the like be used in Churches?
  11. Was the primacy of Peter among the Apostles such that his successors as Bishop of Rome would exercise supreme authority over the Church?
  12. Was Mary conceived without the stain of Original Sin.
  13. Are the gifts of the spirit such as prophecy and tongues, at least in theory, open to us today?
  14. Is the doctrine of Purgatory true, that is, that the saved most normally undergo purification before entering Heaven?
  15. Should doctrine be established on the basis of scripture alone?
  16. Are we saved by faith alone through grace alone?
  17. Does man participate in his own Salvation?

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Quiz topic: With Which Christian Denomination do my views most align?