What Group a you off "Mean Girls"

Mean girls is a film adored by almost every teen at the age of 12 and over. What is mean girls? Mean Girls is a Comedy 'chick flick' film about a New girl called 'Cady Harris' (linsay lohan) joining high school in america, after moving from Africa.

What Group are YOU off mean girls? There are many groups, like the "Jocks, Plastics, Cool Ones etc" But which one are you? By taking this Awesome quiz, you will find out!

Created by: M
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  1. Do you consider yourself Popular?
  2. Do you Like Fashion?
  3. You found a new Shop that only sold the Best Clothing and Jewlery, would you go?
  4. You had to pick a place to get a haircut. Where would you Get it done?
  5. What Hairstyle would you pick?
  6. What Is Your Personality?
  7. Have you ever Spread a rumour about someone, because they Angered you?
  8. How Popular are you from a Scale of 1 to 6
  9. One of your Friends where having a party, and never invited you. What would you do?
  10. Some New girl Tried to Steal your Boyfriend or Crush. What Would you do?

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