Cluless and Mean Girls

Clueless- It was THE teen movie of the 90s that defined a generation. Ever wondered which character you are? Are you the always charming- Cher? or are you the sweet friendly Tai?

Mean Girls- The clueless of 2004. People who were babies when mean girls came out still quote its always hillarious and charming things. Are you sneaky Cady? Gossippy Gretchen? Dull Karen? or the always coniving- Regina George

Created by: kate

  1. Your friend has an idea and shares it with you. You say...
  2. You find out that one of your "besties" is having a party and doesnt invite you. You...
  3. Youre friend cant hang out tonight. You say..
  4. You find out who your friend likes. You...
  5. You love wearing...
  6. You find out that one of your girls had kissed your ex! You...
  7. CLueless or Mean girls
  8. who is your favorite character from mean girls?
  9. Who is your favorite character from clueless?
  10. What is your favorite Mean girls quote?
  11. What is your favorite clueless quote?

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