how well do you know Rihanna?

There are many stuff Rihanna related that no one knows them all, but in this test you will see stuff like her billboard status, the amount of records sold, when she emerged?

Do YOU know RiRi one of the greatest, and best selling all time artists? You could see in a few seconds how well you know her, and her muscic? Are you a true RiRi fan or not? Find out in a few seconds.

Created by: Ahmed
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  1. What is Rihanna's real name?
  2. What is her Birth DATE? (dd/mm/yyyy)
  3. What was her first single
  4. What was the year Rihanna had the most number ones, and how many number ones she had that year? (US Billboard) (Year, amount of Number ones)
  5. How many Grammys did Rihanna win?
  6. As of March 5 2016 how many number ones does Rihanna have? (US Billboard)
  7. What was Rihanna's biggest Album? (According to her fans)
  8. According to Billboard what is her biggest single?
  9. According to her Vevo Channel what is her most viewed song?
  10. What song is her most viewed song according to Youtube?
  11. as of March 5 2016 how many records has Rihanna sold? Note: Sources differ so we are trusting the latest sources.
  12. In her Vevo channel how many subs does she have in March 5 2015?
  13. What rank does she have according to the US billboard greatest all time hot 100 charts as of march 5 2015?
  14. How many total awards does she have as of February 2016?
  15. What was the single released late January 2016?(her latest one)
  16. Is she the Best selling artist of the 2010s decade and one of the best of the 2000s decade where she emerged over half way through the decade? (2010s decade answer, 2000s decade answer)
  17. How many total nominees that RiRi was nominated to
  18. When was the release of RiRi's first single, and first album? (year of single, year of album
  19. How many total singles does she have?
  20. How many features does she have as of February 2015?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Rihanna?