Think YOU Know Rihanna?

A lot of people think they know Rihanna,but do YOU?Well,I did need some help throughout my quiz with the help of the internet with some facts....but so what!This is YOUR time to check your knowledge,not mine!

Think YOU know Rihanna?Well then,test your celebrity knowledge on my quiz to see if you really do know RiRi....which is her nickname,I found that out.But that's not on the quiz!So ha!Good lick,and Bye!

Created by: Kyra

  1. Rihanna's whole name is...?
  2. Rihanna was born in...?
  3. Rihanna was born on this date...?
  4. Rihanna has how many younger brothers,and what are/is their/his name(s)?
  5. During High School,Rihanna was a...?
  6. Rihanna's 1st #1 hit was...?
  7. Who are Rihanna's influences?
  8. Rihanna's last current boyfriend was...?
  9. Finish:"Hey,boy I really wanna see if you,can go __ __,__ __ __ __ __....
  10. Finish:"Trying to apoligize,________________________,please,what else is on?" (from:Take a Bow;by Rihanna).
  11. O.K,You've finished your test!Now,I'll be waiting at the end with your RESULTS!

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