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  • WTF facts that'll make you go " really?"
    [published: Feb 12, 2016, 4 comments]

    #fun #facts #WTF #unbelievable #really?! #true #Quiz #laugh #seriously #enjoy #joking……

  • The Adele Quiz!
    [published: Jan 30, 2016]

    Hello..its me!! I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to go over..everything. They say……

  • The Rihanna Quiz
    [published: Jan 26, 2016, 1 comment]

    Rihanna is a Barbadian singer and song writer..She is one of the most famous female singers in……

  • Horror Story #2
    [published: Jan 08, 2016]

    This is my new quiz..i think it is an awesome quiz..created by DeviL_Mayan..with all due respect to its……

  • Horror Story #1
    [published: Jan 03, 2016, 1 comment]

    Go on..take the quiz..What awaits you herein is a horror story that is absolutely terrifying...don't forget to……

  • Indian Movie Quiz
    [published: Jan 03, 2016, 2 comments]

    All of us love movies..but, do you know everything about movies..Try this quiz..and know it for……

  • Maths Quiz [Easy]
    [published: Jan 02, 2016]

    I srsly din't have much to say..Please take my quiz..and don't forget to rate and comment..all the best for……

  • Grammar quiz [Easy]
    [published: Jan 02, 2016, 6 comments]

    Most of us speak English..but are we good at it?? Check it out with my new quiz..The Result is 100% true..I……

  • Who wrote it ??
    [published: Jan 01, 2016]

    We all read books, stories and poems somehow or the take my quiz and see whether u know 'em all..all……

  • A general quiz..try it for sure
    [published: Dec 31, 2015]

    Heyy guys..this is my new quiz..i think its good..well give it try..see whether u can crack it……

  • Can u be my friend
    [published: Dec 31, 2015, 4 comments]

    Hey guys..i need to fill up a lot of characters and i haven't got much to all i wanna tell is can we……

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  • My Thread Reboot
  • My Thread Reboot
  • "Fall for you - Secondhand serenade"
  • You know what...i know
  • savage bar
    "idk..I just feel so.. I wish that I would get my phone back. Then,I would be able to talk to you in a more private way. But I d"
  • savage bar
  • savage bar
    "What makes you think so? I think you'll be a fine dad"
  • savage bar
    "xD What made you change your thoughts?"
  • savage bar
    "anymore? O.O what, you have kids already?!"
  • savage bar
    "o.O that is a weird question but the answer is that I wouldn't mind.. Why d'you ask though?"
  • savage bar
    "I have no clue about it either lol"
  • savage bar
    "Theres no chance you might be knowing about this movie. Its called 'Kabali'. Its in Tamil"
  • savage bar
    "It was good. Gonna go out with my friends tonight for a movie..just a few minutes left till they come!"
  • savage bar
    ":) So,how was your day?"
  • savage bar
    "little or not, difference is a difference xD Nothing at all..(some might consider it as a bit childish..My ex did!) I'm listenin"

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