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Most of us speak English..but are we good at it?? Check it out with my new quiz..The Result is 100% true..I assure you that..The quiz is easy..try it for sure

When I started my first thread in The of the user argued that I should work on my this is my answer to her..I think its easy..well give it a try!!

Created by: DeviL_Mayan

  1. She will tell you __________ to the party.
  2. I don't have __________ money.
  3. "Are you taller than Peter?" No. But I'm __________ .
  4. The plane flew __________ the castle.
  5. I waited for him __________ eight o'clock.
  6. Where will you __________ the bus?
  7. I went to the department store __________ buy a new sweater.
  8. She __________ her gloves and put them on.
  9. I __________ early tomorrow.
  10. She went to school __________ three months.
  11. Do you think this is something ___ can be learned? a. who b. that c. X (the conjunction can be omitted)

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