How much do you know about vocaloids?

Are you interested in vocaloid? Do you want to know just how much you know about vocaloid? Then take my super fabulous, amazing, stupendous quiz with proper grammar.

Yes, this quiz features proper grammar I think. Hopefully, of else I sure will look stupid. It isn't too long, and it features easy and hard questions. So please enjoy my quiz; I hope you like it.

Created by: amazing Person

  1. Let's start out easy: How many crypton vocaloids are there, and what are their names?
  2. What is the name of Gumi's software?
  3. Pick the one closest to your reaction to this statement: There are English vocaloids.
  4. What is this Song? Sekaide ichibon ohime-sama. souyu atsukai kokoro ete. Yo ne?
  5. What is Kasane Teto?
  6. More lyrics! ohanashi o shiyou mukashibanashi yori motto motto suteki na otogibanashi
  7. Who created the song Trick and Treat?
  8. Now for a hard one (mwahaha): Who is the voice provider for Avanna?
  9. That wasn't actually that hard, now for a real hard one: Which of these is not a vocal synthesizer?
  10. How did you know that?
  11. How many vocaloids were made for the original vocaloid engine?
  12. How many vocaloids are there?
  13. What is your favorite vocaloid?
  14. No it won't. What is Akita Neru?
  15. Put these in chronological order: (don't worry, this one is easy) Ice Cream, tuna, oranges, bananas, spring onions, sake
  16. Is Ah its a Wonderful Cat Life a good song?
  17. Did I use proper grammar in this quiz?
  18. Did I get answers wrong in this quiz?
  19. Did you like this quiz?
  20. Should I google it?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about vocaloids?