Do you actually know about Vocaloid?

A lot of people consider VOCALOID to be just a bunch of characters with voices attached to them. Some think it's an anime, some think it's a software, and some think it's neither.

Do you think you know enough about them? There are a LOT of different characters. And a TON of technical information to know about if you're very interested. How knowledgeable are you?

Created by: avaliakasa

  1. Who is/are the first Vocaloid(s)?
  2. Which of the following VOCALOIDs were /given/ through a contest?
  3. What is a VOCALOID?
  4. Which of the following VOCALOIDs have been officially cancelled?
  5. Which is the first company to release English singing VOCALOIDs?
  6. Which is the first company to release Korean singing VOCALOIDs?
  7. Which is the first company to release Spanish singing VOCALOIDs?
  8. Which is the first company to release Mandarin (Chinese) speaking VOCALOIDs?
  9. In order of what came first, which is correct in order of languages available? (Languages after date of posting are omitted)
  10. What is the first Japanese->English VOCALOID?
  11. Who is the first VOCALOID2?
  12. Who is the first VOCALOID3 (BEGINNING in VOCALOID3, not updated from V2).
  13. How do you make a VOCALOID original?
  14. When was the first VOCALOID released?
  15. Lastly, who is Hatsune Miku's voice actress?

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Quiz topic: Do I actually know about Vocaloid?