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All of us love movies..but, do you know everything about movies..Try this quiz..and know it for yourself..Thank you for deciding to take my quiz..all the best

Thank you for deciding to take my quiz..I'm sure you will not regret your decision..i think it is a good quiz..All the best..try and do your best..And do not forget to rate and retake the quiz

Created by: DeviL_Mayan

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  1. First Indian movie submitted for Oscar
  2. Satyajit Ray won Oscar in:
  3. First Indian sound film:
  4. Filmfare awards started in the year:
  5. Indian Govt. sponsored National Film Award from :
  6. First Indian to win an Oscar award:
  7. Total number of Best Actor nominations for Amitabh Bachan in FilmFare award:
  8. First Filmfare award for Best Actor was awarded to:
  9. Film and Television Institute of India is located at:
  10. First animated film from India:

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