How Well do you Know MBB?

"My Boyfriend's Basement" is slowly acquiring more and more readers. Where do you stand among your fellow readers in terms of how much you know about the comic?

Have you only skimmed the archives? Or can you master every piece of trivia? This 15-question quiz will determine whether you need to read the archives again or if your know everything there is to know about the world of MBB!

Created by: Tori of My Boyfriend's Basement
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  1. Let's start off with something easy. In "My Boyfriend's Basement", who is the boyfriend?
  2. In which comic did MBB first break the "fourth wall"?
  3. Terri is Tori's...
  4. Oli is Tristan's best and only ________ friend.
  5. For a brief period early in the comic, Tori worked in high-end retail. Which store did she work at?
  6. "Naked Girls and Chocobos" was one of the first headlines promoting MBB. Which comic does this come from?
  7. Kitties are made out of...
  8. A recurring theme in MBB seems to be having what in your eyes?
  9. The beer-drinking contest Nate and Tristan are entered in at the bar is called the...
  10. How did the convention arc end?
  11. In comic #033, Geoff says he brought "the stuff" for the party. What is the stuff?
  12. Who sings the chocobo song?
  13. What is special about comic #011?
  14. What is a "hooker"?
  15. Tristan's nickname for Tori is...

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