How Well Do You Know Coraline?

A lot of fans of a movie or series might say they know a lot of tiny details about the film or films. If you're a fan of Tim Burton's movie Coraline, take this quiz to see what you really know about this movie!

Do YOU know Coraline the way you might think you do? Why don't you take this quiz to answer that question you have going on in that head of yours. See what you know, and what you can look out for.

Created by: Sarah McCabe
  1. Who is the doll representing in the beginning?
  2. Does the other mother get thinner in the movie?
  3. During the game, what does everything turn to?
  4. What kind of spider is the other mother?
  5. Name three things you see in the film when Coraline escapes the other world before she finds out her parents are missing.
  6. During the scene where Coraline is looking for the first ghost eye, there is obviously a song playing, if you listen closely, what can you hear?
  7. It's raining in the real world the day after Coraline met Wybie. Coraline is putting up packages of seeds for flowers in the window. Which one of them is used in the other world to make the garden look like Coraline's face? (Hint, it's used for her lips)
  8. True or False? The garden at the end is in the face of the beldam
  9. What is the difference between Coraline and the other mother's hairlines?
  10. What is the correct quote from the film?

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