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There are many Coraline fans. It is an excellent movie (and book), after all. But there are few 'super fans' of this film. What is a super fan? It is someone who can quote Coraline effortlessly, someone who can remember almost all the dialog from the movie and book.

Are YOU a super fan? Do you have the skills and memory to make it through this complex and humorous quiz? You've probably wondered about where you stood in the line of Coraline fans. But thanks to me, you can now find out in just a few minutes! Then you can finally answer the question..."Am I a SUPER FAN?"

Created by: Caleb
  1. Which came first: the Coraline book, or the Coraline movie?
  2. Who is Coraline's best friend in the book?
  3. What color is Coraline's hair NORMALLY?
  4. How old is Coraline at the time her adventure happened?
  5. Do Coraline's real parents love her?
  6. When is Coraline's birthday?
  7. Do the dogs in the movie, who are in the theatre with Spink and Forcible, talk?
  8. Where was Coraline when she had her adventure?
  9. What is the apartment where Coraline and her family moved into called?
  10. Who wrote the Coraline book?
  11. How many times have you watched Coraline the movie?
  12. How many times have you read the book Coraline?
  13. Have you ever been so excited about Coraline that you talked about it for days?
  14. Have you ever met the author of Coraline in person?
  15. Have you ever considered naming one of your kids after a character in Coraline?
  16. Does the black cat always know about Coraline being in danger, or does he start to help once he meets her in the Other World?
  17. Remember the opening scene of the Coraline movie, where the Coraline doll is made? Well, who made the Coraline-doll look like Coraline?
  18. Remember that 'crazy' and 'drunk' old man who lives in the top flat of the Pink Palace apartments? What is his name?
  19. What is Coraline's last name?
  20. What are some of the made-up words that Coraline uses?
  21. What do Coraline's friends call her?
  22. What kind of footwear does Coraline really like?
  23. Why was the Coraline story made?
  24. What is your favorite part of Coraline's story?
  25. Coraline's parents write about gardening for a living...but what do they hate?
  26. Who directed the Coraline movie?
  27. What does Coraline's dad call her?
  28. What is Coraline's nickname for her friend (who was included only in the movie, not the book.)
  29. Why does Mr. B look so weird?
  30. If you saw a little door in your own house, just like the one in Coraline's...what would you do?

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