Which character are you?

I made this quiz based off another book I'm making. All characters I made, and the story is all my idea. lol that sounds so hoggy! I want you all to tell me who you got in the comments!

The story is about a young boy named Ethan who receives visions about this thing called a Moonstone Amulet that has the power to control the world! An evil man is after it, so he and a girl named Emery must stop him!

Created by: PositiveBeliever
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  1. Adventures can be dangerous but fun. Are you a risk-taker of a safe-traveler.
  2. Sass and class, or geek chic?
  3. There is a stranded bunny on the side of the road. it could get run over. help it?
  4. Would you rather live in the trees, a simple house, or in the forest?
  5. Which can you relate to: Emily from the corpse bride, so close to finding love but so far, or Sally from nightmare before Christmas, who loves jack but keeps it a secret?
  6. Simple life for fame?
  7. Pick a color
  8. girls, pick an outfit, boys, just pick one. your turns soon!
  9. boys, pick one. girls, pick one.
  11. HAHAHA That was question number 12! but for real this time:are you shy or out there?

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Quiz topic: Which character am I?