Coraline Roleplay

If you’ve watched Coraline, you might have wondered what you’d do in her shoes. The Coraline movie is fiction so it can’t really happen, but this quiz will run you through the Coraline story.. but you are taking Coraline’s role.

Will you be smart enough to escape? Will you haughitily refuse to go through the door? Will you call the police on the other mother? It’s YOUR story now, you decide..

Created by: WerewolfSquddi

  1. You just moved to a new house with your family and you are bored. You find an unlocked door leading into a mysterious tunnel in your house. You..
  2. You walk through and you find your parents, only, they have button eyes. You say..
  3. The copy of your mother grins and gives you a present. Before opening it, she tells you that this world you’ve stumbled upon is fitted to your every want and you could have anything you ever wanted. “Really?” You cry, thinking about the ______ (fill in the blank) that you want.
  4. “Really!” She says quite brightly. She says that there’s only one thing you need to do to stay in this world. She tells you to open the present. You open it. Buttons, just like the copies’ eyes, lay inside.
  5. She looks visibly hurt at your reaction. She smiles and leads you to a mirror. Inside the mirror you see your true parents, cold and shivering in god-knows-where. She tells you that you can leave if you find their location, but if you can’t, you must stay forever and let her sew buttons into your eyes. You agree, thinking..
  6. She vanishes. You choose to look for your parents in..
  7. You spot your parents’ sillohets in the snow globe. You smile. She walks up to you and asks where your parents are. You say..
  8. She groans and gives you the globe. But before you can go, she smashes the snow globe apart with a crowbar. You worry about..
  9. She shoves you through the door in her world and you collapse against the walls of your real house. Your real parents, covered in snow, walk through the door. They thank you for saving them, you..
  10. Your real father smiles and gives you a necklace with a bloody button on it. “We took one of your buttons,” he says. You accept it and string it through your necklace. Even years later, it is a reminder of how brave you are.

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