How Well do you know Chad Kroeger

Many Nickelback fans think that they know chad kroeger but most of them are just blowing smoke up their own butts this will help tell truth from lies.

Are you a chadaholic take this to find out if you are truly a chadaholic this determines it all so don't be shy step right up and test your knowledge.

Created by: SkylersGirl

  1. When was Chad Kroeger born
  2. What is Chad Kroeger's FULL name?
  3. Where was he born?
  4. True or False? Chad Kroeger is married to carrie underwood.
  5. What is the title of Chad Kroeger and Nickelbacks third Album?
  6. What album is due to come out this year? (You have to know Nickelback to know Chad Kroeger as well)
  7. Has Chad Kroeger worked with Timbaland?
  8. Did Chad Kroeger admit to making cookie cutter rock?
  9. How old is Chad Kroeger?
  10. Is Chad Kroeger Married at all?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I know Chad Kroeger