The Chad Quiz of Chads

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If you found this test you're either in a pretty good discord or was looking after stupid tests. Perhaps you have been destined to come here like the chad you are

Chads are the greatest people to exist, they are natural flirters and embody what every man wants to be. Chads do not care about social norms because they are above them and people wish they could be Chads.

Created by: Chadthony
  1. What do you think of voting?
  2. How do you use the restroom?
  3. How did you become a chad?
  4. How do you speak to women?
  5. What's your ideal weapon?
  6. How do you have intercourse
  7. How do you play video games?
  8. Who's your favorite world leader?
  9. Is America the greatest country in the world?
  10. Do you consider yourself a chad?

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