The Smarty-pants quiz

This is a very big world filled with lots and lots of people,some of these people are a little dull,others have average intelligence,those who can do sums easily enough to get a C on their tests,but then,a few people seem to be destined for good marks,the kind that are very,very rare.

Are YOU the one destined for good marks? The one who can spell words that seem impossible to even SAY in less than a minute? Could YOU be the next Einstein? Find out all this and more thanks to this incredible quiz!

Created by: Clever girls

  1. How many times a day does the average human heart beat?
  2. How many dreams does the average human have in a year?
  3. Can a cat's taste buds detect sugar?
  4. At what age did the world's oldest Tortoise die at?
  5. Which animal is there more of than people?
  6. Can you guess how much the Earth weighs about?
  7. What is the capital of Italy?
  8. If you changed each letter to the next letter in the alphabet what word would you get? ENW
  9. What do they sell for dogs in Tokyo?

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