What School Should you go to?

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Think that YOU are a Smarty Pants and can pass college?? Well... who knows? Maybe you are just a small kid who thinks that they are bad at drawing? Don't just stand (or sit) there!,!, come and Take the Quiz!

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  1. 2*2*7/2*100/5
  2. If there were 50 birds on an apple tree, and someone killed one of them, how many were left?
  3. What Plant is named after a Number?
  4. What is the capital of East Virginia?
  5. What is the NAME of the bone in the leg that holds the most weight?
  6. What 4 notes are on the Viola? (NOTE: Viola is diffrent than a Violin)
  7. What do you call it when you change how fast or slow vocals or music goes?
  8. What Two Colors are Complimentary?
  9. What does,"Donde sta el Bano" mean in Spanish?
  10. Which one is Spelled correctly?
  11. What do you do before starting a new Paragraph?

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Quiz topic: What School should I go to?