could you survive catholic school

what is the true catholic school and what is the streo type?Could YOU pass with flying colors or will you flunk out?catholic school students must be able to endure a millitary style of keep up or get out and constant knock you down build you from the ground up punishment and reward. cathloic school is hard. but could you survive?

if you want to know if you could survive take this quiz. do you have what it takes to graduate?would be able to get by the horrid nuns,ugly uniforms,the strictly enforced dress code, and the advanced curriculum? take a few minutes of you time and take this quiz to find out!!!! =)( I want to point out this quiz is based on the TRADITIONAL CATHOLIC SCHOOL not some privatized easy peasy "catholic school".)

Created by: Francesca

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  1. how many kids would you like total in your grade
  2. would you like to take pre-alegabra in sixth, alegabra 1 in seventh and alegabra 2 in eighth?
  3. would you rather strict nuns who carry rulers and catch every dress code violation or a teacher who dosent care as long a you do your work?
  4. would you like to wear a collar shirt,pleated skirt that goes beyond you knees and is impossible to roll because of the nuns and a ugly sweater vest with the school crest or jeans a tank top and flip flops ( for girs, boys answer neither)
  5. would you rather wear a button up collar shirt that must always be tucked in, a tie, dress pants, and docks or bagy jeans, a sports jersy, and a baseball hat( for boys, girls answer neither)
  6. what color ink would you like to take tests with
  7. could you live with out make up and nail polish?
  8. would you like a spanish teacher who doesnt speak engish
  9. would you like to learn a foreign languge in Thrid grade
  10. would you like the options cheerleading, basketball or drama club
  11. the dress code says you are only allowed to wear flat shoes. how do you respond?

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