Are You Bad in School?

This quiz is about the open minded and the people who are willing to spend their time on something they want to find out. Its ok not everyone thins they are bad but this quiz is about in how bad are you in school. Lets hope you are not too bad.

Are YOU bad in school!? Do you want to find out the truth!?! Well you came to the right place. This is the one and only quiz which tells the Ultimate truth about you!

Created by: chris
  1. Do you pay attention in class?
  2. Draw stuff on walls?
  3. Someone pushes you. Do you..
  4. Your best friends play a mean joke on you. They put anime on your locker. What do you do?
  5. Someone took your favorite spot in the lunch room.
  6. Someone framed you on something you didn't do and your in trouble. You..
  7. Uh Oh! You got a after school detention. Your mom can't find out! What do you do?
  8. Your teacher had enough of you. Tells you to go in a corner and write in your notebook 100 times: I won't talk in class for the last 100 times and if I do ill get to write this message 200 more times"
  9. Time for school! You don't wanna go but u have to! Its a field trip to the zoo!
  10. ARRGHH!! A kid always annoys you. You get tired of him and finally say:
  11. OH NOO!! A fights out. Your about to punch his, Lights out!

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Quiz topic: Am I Bad in School?