How Hype Is Your School

Regardless of whether you're school is crunk or not you are there for one purpose to learn. Bou on the other hand You have to be crunk to get them grades crunk.

Time to get crunk....... Is you're school deserving of you probably not buts lets see. most schools are garbage anyway what makes yours so special. The best schools are in central Alabama.

Created by: Jimmy
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do wake up not wanting to go to school?
  2. You have athletic teams that gets school crunk?
  3. You're teachers are generally in a _______mood.
  4. Any school events?
  5. Classmates act like they are
  6. Do you have a clean school?
  7. Your Gym is
  8. Would you send your kids there
  9. Is there any typed of order
  10. How many students go to your school
  11. Do You Care about your results.

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Quiz topic: How Hype Is my School