Who are YOU in school/life?

There's a lot of different people in school/life. Who are you? I tried my best to be unbiased in this quiz but if you have a problem with something, please don't be too hard on me! Thanks

Do YOU know who you are? Are you pretending to be something you're not? Which school stereotype do you fall under? Now go on! Take my quiz! TAKE MY QUIZ AND FIND OUT! =D

Created by: ?!?!
  1. You favorite colors consist of...
  2. If I looked in your closet right now I would see...
  3. Girls: Make-up?
  4. Guys: Make-up?
  5. Pastimes?
  6. Music Genres?
  7. And where do you get that music?
  8. Girls: Hair?
  9. Guys: Hair?
  10. Last Question: What's Your View on Life?

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Quiz topic: Who am I in school/life?