CAPITAL CRIMES: A crime quiz about Washington DC

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Washington D.C. isn't known as the "District of Crime" or "Murder Capital of America" for nothing. Though the capital city's motto is "justice for all," D.C. has a darker side, including an extensive history of crimes and misdemeanors, some political and some not. THE CRIME BUFF'S GUIDE TO OUTLAW WASHINGTON DC is the ultimate guidebook to the criminal and seedy history of the nation's capital -- plus Maryland, Northern Virginia and (ironically) Arlington National Cemetery. It also contains an entire chapter pinpointing key and little-known sites in the Lincoln Assassination. With photographs, maps, directions, and precise GPS coordinates, this collection of outlaw tales serves as both a travel guide and an entertaining and enlightening read.

How well do you know the criminal history of our nation's capital? Until now you could only wonder. Take this quiz and find out if you're an outlaw buff or just an outlaw buffoon!

Created by: Ron Franscell

  1. How many American presidents have been killed by assassins?
  2. This Washington landmark is reportedly haunted by the ghost of a murdered actor. What is it?
  3. An R&B superstar who grew up in the projects of Washington DC was murdered by his own father in 1984. Who was he?
  4. Legendary FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover had a nickname at Washington's Central High School (now Cardozo High School). What was it?
  5. This author who created some of the most enduring characters in hard-boiled detective fiction was a soldier in two World Wars, but became a devout communist. Still, he's buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Who is he?
  6. One of America's biggest political scandals involved a Cabinet secretary accepting bribes to lease U.S. oil reserves to his cronies. What was it called?
  7. In 2009, a deranged gunman entered this museum intending to murder as many people as he could. He was stopped by a heroic security guard who lost his life. What was the museum?
  8. On June 16, 1972, a break-in was discovered at the Watergate Hotel office complex, sparking a scandal that changed our nation forever. How many burglars were arrested that night inside Democratic Party offices?
  9. On the night he was assassinated at Ford's Theatre, President Abraham Lincoln's wallet contained:
  10. In 1954, violent nationalists rained gunfire on congressmen from a balcony over the U.S. House floor, although nobody was killed. What nation did they represent?

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