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Crimes and torts...There are many smart people, but few true criminal geniuses. What is a crime genius? Do you really care? Why am I asking you this? Because I can

Are you a you want to be? How will this quiz let me know if I am? It can't and it won't, but it is fun and educational. So, sit back relax and have fun learning!

Created by: Robin Adams

  1. A crime may be defined as:
  2. In order for someone to be convicted of a crime, which of the following elements must exist?
  3. If you are charged with a crime, you might be able to defend yourself--and escape punishment--if you:
  4. If someone breaks into your home and threatens your mother with a gun and you sneak up behind the person and shoot and kill him, you:
  5. The Fourth Amendment protects you from:
  6. The basic purpose of tort law is to:
  7. Which of the following may not be copyrighted?
  8. The famous "swoosh" design on the side of Nike sneakers is an example of:
  9. If a dentist violates his or her duty of care to you by negligently cracking two of your teeth, you may be able to sue the dentist for:
  10. If Sam threatens Jill with a knife but does not, in fact, touch her, Jill may sue for ___ if she honestly believed Sam might have hurt her.

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