Internet Marketer Skill Level

At we are committed to your success. We have put together this short test to find out how much you know about the terminology used in marketing an online business.

This is an ever-changing, ongoing business that can help you to reach you goals faster, and with less risk than anything else out there. But you need to get the knowledge, and you must take action!

Created by: Ronald Edwards of
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  1. As Far As Internet Marketing Goes, What Does CPM Stand For?
  2. What Is A "Squeeze Page" ?
  3. What Is Meant By The Term CTR ?
  4. What Is MySQL ??
  5. What Does "URL" Stand For?
  6. Which Google Service Allows You To Place Ads On ?
  7. What Is a "Hyperlink"?
  8. What Is Meant By PPC ?
  9. What Is a "Web Hosting Service"?
  10. What Is An "Autoresponder" ?
  11. As Far As Internet Marketing goes, What Does "CPA" Mean ?

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