What level are you in internet?

There are many people who surf the internet(even you! Yes, You!) But how about what level are you? Find out if you are a beginner, intermediate, advanced?

Are YOU good at internet? Can you check your email? Do you have a website? Earn money with that website? Thanks to this great quiz made by lailai, take a few mintues to find out!

Created by: lailai

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Could you check your emails
  2. Could you read news on internet?
  3. Could you surf other websites?
  4. Could you download/install softwares?
  5. Could you make word/powerpoints?
  6. Could you code HTML?
  7. Could you code PHP/ASP?
  8. Could you make MYSQL or MSSQL?
  9. Do you have a website on free host?
  10. How much people visit your site? (If you have one) Per week
  11. Do you earn money (put ads on site)

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Quiz topic: What level am I in internet?