Hey, this is a little something to all of you

Hey guys! This quiz is just to aware people of certain things, I hope you guys take it. It's very interesting and nice. (: So what are you up to? I like chips

Taylor Swift, Brad, Chad, Mad, Had, Bad, Sad, Mood, Dude, Hood, Smoothie, Strawberry, Cake, Pineapple, Random Access Memory, s---, Hahaha, you're confused

Created by: PerfectionIsME

  1. Okay so here I am to raise awareness and share my opinion with all of you.
  2. Well i would like to start off by sharing my opinion on our fellow gotoquizer, Aria.
  3. Aria feels she's so special like she can roam the world and do whatever she wants. She thinks she is the greatest person on this planet, as though she's royalty and everyone else is dumb. I hate her. I would not make a forum because I just don't care.
  4. Yeah, we knew each other for two years and I realized I never liked her. Aria is such a scumbag, it kills me. She feels she is so precious and so great. She feels like "Oh i have this idea, people better not steal it." Oh my gosh, she is such a dummy.
  5. For those who agree with me, thank you. For those who don't, rot in hell. You see...Aria likes to get in the middle of everyone's business. She's always sucking up to TheRecklessBam and WTF_NINJA. Oh don't even get me started. She and WTF_NINJA act so gay I think Aria influenced the poor girl. -.-
  6. Now...Aria can you please just die? You are the worst thing that has been born and I don't think you deserve to be alive. I hate you and I'm not afraid to say it. You're someone who is the scumbag of this site. Everyone hates you on gotoquiz Aria.
  7. Tsk, Aria...you're pathetic, making quizzes for people and asking people why they hate One Direction. Then as you were about to leave gotoquiz, people had to stop you. Why did they stop you? Why couldn't they just leave you? Urgh...
  9. Hate hate hate you Aria, you're dumb
  10. Aria, go rot in hell

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