How Well Do You Know Chad Kroeger Of Nickelback?

Chadaholics are hard to find and hard to become. Ifyou think that are a chadaholic ake this quiz and prove that you are a chadaholic. Remember that chadaholics are hard to find!!

So you think you are a chadaholic?. If so then take thisquiz and find out if you area true certified chadaholic. Results may vary so dont be alarmed good luck to ya!!

Created by: chaddyk
  1. What is Chad Kroegers Full Name?
  2. Where was Chad Kroeger born?
  3. Who is Chad Kroeger engaged to?
  4. Who is chad Koreger's brother?
  5. What is Chad's Birthday?
  6. How old is Chad Kroeger?
  7. Did chad complete high school?
  8. what hihgh school did chad do to?
  9. What is chads siters name
  10. What is Chad's moms name

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Chad Kroeger Of Nickelback?