How well do you know Back To The Future?

Back to the Future was a series of movies made back in the 1980s. I love the movies a whole lot so I decided to make this quiz. Hopefully you find it enjoyable.

If you want to test your knowledge, then take my quiz. It will help you out! I couldn't put every single question under the sun, so it's narrowed down to some tricky trivia.

Created by: Gcat769

  1. What date do Marty and Doc travel to the future?
  2. According to the future, who wins the world series?
  3. Who was Doc's love interest?
  4. What song does Marty play at school? (it's on the radio in lots of cars)
  5. When Marty goes to 1955, what building does the lightening strike?
  6. Where does Marty live?
  7. When Doc shows Marty the time machine, what group of people try to shoot Doc?
  8. What car is the time machine made out of?
  9. What speed did the time machine need in order to time travel?
  10. What do people call Marty a lot?
  11. What makes time travel possible?
  12. How does Marty learn to shoot a gun?
  13. Bonus: did you like this quiz? (First one is always correct)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Back To The Future?