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  • I neeed so advice on how to as out this one guy. He's so hot and his eyes are the best. I started having butterflys for him for a month but I'm really sccared to ask him out. I see him starring and smilling at me alot. I sometime hear him saying my name to him friends and it worries me what he is saying could you helpme please.

    Iloveyeww Mar 7 '13, 8:03PM
  • not really sure why I took this since I'm already dating my crush so I know that he likes me..... Guess I was just bored.... Well nap time yay!!!

    Myth Mar 3 '13, 10:06PM
  • I don't know... I got o% on everything? What? This quiz does not work.

    wishfulthinker Jan 9 '13, 9:33AM
  • hey, I need advice on asking out my Crush... I am to embaressed to ask him out alone and Infront of everyone. Im not sure if he likes me too... but the thing is... he has a girlfriend now... i was too late :(

    OmegaWolf Jan 2 '13, 12:08PM
  • Hey im to emberres to talk to him because he is always with his friends and he plays soccer at ressues and we are both in 5th grade his name is carlos garcia and my name is litzy izaguirre.

    belinda Dec 6 '12, 10:55PM
  • LAME-AGE!!! This isn't even a quiz. The result i got will just humiliate me if i tell any one, SMART ONE!!

    1. i cant tell friends because just cuz
    2. if i tell a certain family member, they would just tease me and they cant keep secrets.

    So um HORRIBLE QUIZ. SPENT 3 MINUETS OF MY LIFE ANSWERING DUMB QUESTIONS, you know i could of used those 3 minuets (JUST SAYING )XI )

    EmeraldFang64 Nov 12 '12, 6:04PM
  • Stupid quiz. I was looking for ADVICE!! Check out my quizzes: Which magic power are you, which cheese are you, which food group are you, how much like will ferrel are you, how tech are you, which safari animal are you, which spongebob character are you, how lucky are you, which job will you get when you get older, and what is your fortune

    Cheesems9 Aug 6 '12, 11:28AM
  • hey what's up

    kartera Jul 15 '12, 8:12PM
  • i love this game it is fun

    kartera Jul 15 '12, 8:10PM
  • Guys grosome means -causing great horror- so its not a good thing, it means that you wont have a good time trying to figure out if your crush likes you! STUPID QUIZ i got the same thing so hang in there! Lots of other quizes online!

    puppypaws1234 Apr 2 '12, 8:06PM
  • I found my boy friend from doing this quiz so thank you.

    Haile Mar 8 '12, 5:58PM
  • Haha say sumthing know if yuu want to say sumthing haha chickens---s

    hotty Feb 14 '12, 10:27AM
  • that was stupid come on why make that quiz hate people like that well i just hate people they are stupid

    rocky123 Jan 3 '12, 9:27AM
  • No one must ever take this quiz again trust me lilly willamsa!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

    lilly willimsa Nov 17 '11, 11:40AM
  • One more thing would you answer my question what the heck does grosome mean

    lilly willimsa Nov 17 '11, 11:37AM
  • Hay this stupid quiz is so dumb because if he does not like me why would he buy me a phone and tell me that he loves me and kiss me and all of that thanks for nothing you bumb quiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lilly willimsa Nov 17 '11, 11:35AM
  • I wasted my time with this stupid and dumb quiz I mean it took me around 30 mins to finish this quiz to get no resalts

    lilly willimsa Nov 16 '11, 11:50AM
  • He what the heck is this stupid quiz here for and what the heck does grosome frecken mean

    lilly willimsa Nov 16 '11, 11:46AM
  • ya what does that mean i dont get my results????? this a stupid QUIZ!!!!

    swimmer25 Oct 2 '11, 8:07PM
  • What about our answers? D:

    Loony Luna Sep 3 '11, 3:18PM
  • ):

    UmbrellaGirl Sep 3 '11, 2:01PM
  • this is a dum quiz if he didnt luv me y would he hold my hand in public
    an want 2 walk 2gether

    from my sis

    angel101 May 17 '11, 11:26PM

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