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  • didnt work, but it was totes amazing ! Toodles !!

    macisfromnarnia Mar 28 '16, 3:52PM
  • i took this for fun but really i know he likes me i was just seeing if it was real it FAKE

    Theylove_my_cake Feb 27 '16, 10:55PM
  • Hello. This quiz has changed my life. For the better. There was a boy in my life. Who did not know I existed. I did not speak with him. I just looked. I did not have any contact with him. Except for fake kissing him in my mirror everyday. And tooting on my teacher to show my love. But to no prevail. He still did not know or love me. He was so perfect, I fall hard for cricket players. If he kissed me I dreamt of Having a Weird Slitlints. And if he asked me to dance I would just dance, not think. This quiz showed me I was wrong, and that he isn't into me. I should be spending my time with other boys, or just other activities. I have taken up debate club and Latin. I am a new person now. Thanks to this quiz. I owe u my life. peace and love to all Americans.

    Iamaquiznerd Nov 7 '15, 2:00AM

    Htc babe Nov 1 '15, 4:45PM
  • c'mon guys give this guy a brake. with a chair. over the head. by a minotaur. on a rampage. this quiz was stupid.

    Crosswing Oct 6 '15, 3:16PM
  • Is this a prank. Or is the rating really 0

    gg52hill Jul 1 '15, 7:23AM
  • Stupid quiz!

    kyasurinchan May 31 '15, 12:04PM
  • The guy I like at school I got to know on a class trip to NYC, seeing his smile lighted by the lights of the city made me realize I did really like this guy. He's super sweet and hilarious, but I'm way too shy to get to know him more...

    oliemars May 8 '15, 10:49AM
  • THIS QUIZ IS HORRIBLE I hate it so much it did not help me what so ever and I did the quiz two times differently just to test it because the first time I did it no results came up and every thing I did was perfect so I did a seconde time to make shore but still nothing it is a lying cheat oh but they love us so much they keep on saying that just to soften us up because they probably know that this is carp they just what to break our hearts they don't give a dame about us I really thought this would help my relationships THIS QUIZ IS HORRIBLE

    pedwa33 Apr 19 '15, 6:58AM
  • This quiz sucks

    Dab dab Jan 14 '15, 4:07PM
  • Dumb Quiz. I'm sort of a m,atchmaker so I though the quiz was about how good of one am I.

    flowerpower1349 Oct 27 '14, 7:16PM
  • learn how to spell.

    1991db Sep 13 '14, 2:34AM
  • WORST test ever. Like for real.

    Penguin_ love Apr 11 '14, 10:47PM
  • Awesome quiz

    Donotdisturb Feb 14 '14, 7:14AM
  • I did 15 quizzes. 3/15 said he doesn't (including this quiz) and 12/15 says he does. Later on this year his friend asked me out for him because he was afraid he would say or d something he was gonna regret. Now, we're going out... kissing and all! this quiz is jacked up! fix it now!!!

    14028hiiyall Sep 14 '13, 7:19PM
  • Wow your lame you put grosome as a result for the quizzes! Next time you make a quiz make sure there's no spelling errors or lameeeee results!!!!

    Kenzie_girl 24 May 27 '13, 4:36PM
  • Worst quiz everrrr!

    Kenzie_girl 24 May 27 '13, 4:33PM
  • the worst test ever

    ppoooppop May 17 '13, 9:54PM
  • What kind of question is 'Would you fart on the teacher to go out with him'? Haha lol!

    mina73822 May 15 '13, 7:43AM
  • Ummmm full of s--- much? I literally went to ten sites and used math ( not a nerd) to see if he did and after accidently taking the SAME quiz twice with the SAME answers I gave with TOTALLY different results, and the worst part, at the end it said with horrible grammar "sorry if you got bad results not our fault love you so much girl!" Your an idiot to the diphthong who wrote this "super accurate quiz" in her free time.

    Female 123 May 6 '13, 9:19PM
  • i love you luke i wish you could hear this ;)

    amina Mar 29 '13, 8:36PM
  • i love this guy sooooo much! but we never actually met it was online love but i really wish i could meet him someday idk wt to do? i really love him and nobody get it.

    amina Mar 29 '13, 8:34PM

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