how to tell if a guy likes you!!!

our quiz is if you like a boy and you wont to know if he likes you as well you can take this quiz and if it comes up with somthing good or a high percentage he likes you good job. but if not maybe its for the best.

are you wonderfully in love with him doose he like you as well take thie quiz and finnd out how he honetsly feels about you if you find he likes you yey for you.

Created by: Tia & Sinead of Boy Quiz
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  1. Have you ever had a boyfriend?
  2. Does a guy/boyfriend/dream boy ever stare look at you a lot
  3. Does he talk to you
  4. Have you ever gone out
  5. have you ever dreamt about him!!!
  6. has he ever scared you
  7. do you act dumb around him
  8. has he ever told you a secret
  9. do you pretend to kiss him
  10. do you stare at him in class
  11. would you marry him
  12. do you love everthing about him
  13. do you have the same interests
  14. whats his favourite sport out of the following
  15. do you show off in front of him
  16. has he ever spread a roumer about you or your friends
  17. Do you get imbrassed around him
  18. What would you do if he kiss you
  19. What would you do if he asked you to dance
  20. Have you came up with a dumb exsuce to talk to him
  21. would you fart on the teacher to go out with him. lol
  22. Would you send him love notes
  23. How would you tell him that you like him

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