Will you be a WWE wrestler?

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Wrestling, something that gets made fun of. Some call it 'fake'. But hey, its entertainment right? It's not all fake. I've been a fan of the sport since I watched my first match With Bret Hart from WWE. Ever since then I've been hooked. When I was little I came up with this idea, an idea that I wanted to become a wrestler. At the time My parents pushed me in academics and the sport of soccer. But once wrestling crossed my path that changed. I didn't really wanted to play soccer anymore. My parents went psycho but I kept my dream secret till I was 18 and announced my private training I've been getting over at a local Chicago school of wrestling. And guess what. They were okay with it. So here I am, a 19 year old wrestler and I now work for an Independent company called CSW.

I want to help those who had the same dream as me. I made this quiz to somehow boost there confidence. If they get a bad result then maybe if their determined enough then maybe they'll achieve there dream. Now go take this test. Don't you want to know if you'll make it in the WWE????

Created by: Jenna
  1. Do you consider yourself fit? Would you workout on a daily basis?
  2. Do you consider yourself fit?
  3. Are you willing to give up some of family time, being away from your home, some of your personal life?
  4. Are you a social person
  5. Would you love your fans?
  6. How much are you willing to spend?
  7. When did you start watching wrestling?
  8. (Fun question no effect whatsoever) Favorite classic wrestler
  9. (Fun question no effect whatsoever) favorite present wrestler
  10. (Fun question no effect whatsoever) favorite Womens wrestler

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Quiz topic: Will I be a WWE wrestler?