What would your WWE Finisher be?

If you want to be a pro wrestler or want to come up with an idea for you WWE video game character. This will test how you wrestle and what sort of wrestler you would be.

This will truly show if your face or a hell. If your a Team Player or a Solo want it all for yourself type of Superstar. Do you want to be innovative and unique or be old school and keep the old times rolling.

Created by: Sean Burke
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Who would you team up with?
  2. What would you wear?
  3. What type of Music would you have for your entrance?
  4. What would you be?
  5. Where would you wrestle?
  6. What Title would you go for?
  7. Where would you prefer to use your move.
  8. What's your favourite match
  9. Who would your manager be?
  10. How would you wrestle

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Quiz topic: What would my WWE Finisher be?