Which WWE wrestling personality are you?

With only 12 available choices, find out which WWE wrestler (or "Superstar" for the anal-retentive) you match up with. If you're playing this for Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy and Triple H, try a different one.

So, Urkel: Gay? Dead? Take this quiz and you *won't* find out. On the other hand, you *will* learn which wrestler you match as described by meeting pre-existing conditions, depending on your answers.

Created by: The Deftless
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  1. On your way home from whatever, you go to your front door, but realize that it's locked and that you can't find your keys. You're sure that you had them with you a few minutes ago, at least. What do you do to open the door and get inside?
  2. Which of the following musical genres do you like the most?
  3. You arrive at a banquet featuring an array of food items to eat. Which one of the following do you pick?
  4. You are forced to watch one of the following TV shows for all eternity, however, you may pick your poison. WHICH METHOD OF TORTURE DO YOU CHOOSE?
  5. Choose one of the following colors. If your favorite is not listed, choose your next favorite, and so on.
  6. You see a gang of desperate-looking thugs descend upon an unarmed woman who is attractive and looks to be carrying a lot of cash on hand. What do you do?
  7. In which of the following rooms do you feel most in your element?
  8. Which of the following best describes you at a party?
  9. A totalitarian regime takes over and tells you to choose one of the following lines of work. Which one do you choose?
  10. Which of the following traits do you think best describes yourself?
  11. A young child who lives in the house next door walks up to you and asks if you can get their kite, which is stuck in a tree. What do you do?
  12. Which of the following cars most appeals to you?
  13. When in a conversation, how do you normally talk?

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Quiz topic: Which WWE wrestling personality am I?