The Ultament Edge Quiz

This quiz is ALL about Edge! Who is Edge? He is a retired pro-wrestler. He was also my VERY favorite wrestler EVER! And thats mostly why i decided to create this AWSOME quiz!

How much do you truley know about Edge? Wanna know how to find out? Well here is the answer:Take This Quiz! When you take this great quiz you will find out how much you actaully know about Edge. The Rated-R Superstar!

Created by: puppyrock102
  1. Where is Edge from
  2. Who was his tag team partner
  3. When did Edge enter the Wwe
  4. When did Edge retire
  5. How many world titles did he win
  6. What is his middle name
  7. What is Edges signiture move
  8. What is his first name
  9. What is his last name
  10. What color hair does Edge have
  11. What is his nickname the rated-r ___
  12. Do you like this quiz
  13. Will you rate or comment on this quiz
  14. How much does he weigh

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