do you know edge?

Many people say there true rated R. Edge the best if a true fan can answer these questions,Then you are Rated R superstar!!! Rate quiz i might do more.So now im bored.

So are you a true edge fan? Last chance to back down. If you read this one thing.A clue? What did edge do with lita.Think what he did is how he got his nickname.;)

Created by: andrew d

  1. whats edges theme song
  2. whats he's signature move
  3. How did he get his nickname?
  4. How tall is he?
  5. Where was he born?
  6. Whats his name?
  7. Do you like edge?
  8. Is he married?
  9. Has he been to wrestlemania?
  10. Hows this quiz?
  11. When did he debut?

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Quiz topic: Do I know edge?