How Much do you know about HTTyD, Race to the Edge?

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This quiz will determine how much you really know about How To Train Your Dragon, Race to the Edge. Did you Binge watching pay off? We'll know in a few seconds!

Best of luck! I hope you pull some stuff out of your brain you never thought could be in there! Make sure to tell me in the comments how you went and make some awesome quiz's yourself!

Created by: BattleQueen

  1. We hear of all the main character's last names in Race to the Edge, Hiccup Haddock, Astrid Hofferson, Snotlout Jorgenson, Fishlegs Ingerman, Thorston Twins. So what was Viggo (their enemy's) last name?
  2. What was Viggo's brother's name?
  3. When Viggo and Ryker disappeared, which 'good guy' rose up and ended up being bad?
  4. Trader Johann was first figured out to be bad in which episode?
  5. Johann had employed Krogan and one another main character who came back after 'death'. Who was this and how was he/she different?
  6. If you've watched Race to the Edge (and aren't just looking up the answers ;), then you should know Krogan and Viggo don't get along well. However, they take over Dragon's Edge once, and when the Berkians revolt, Krogan does something with his flyers that annoys the pants of Viggo. What did he do?
  7. In the Episode, "SandBusted." Snotlout, Hiccup and Amos get stuck down a hole with a giant Sandbuster dragon who shoots sharp, metal-like 'tears' and hates the sun. Hiccup uses some substance to create a "cage" for the beast. What does he use?
  8. How old is Hiccup (and Astrid too, consequently) in Race to The Edge. Hint: Keep in mind their age in the first movie and sequel.
  9. Hiccup's Dragon is a deadly, striking Night Fury (portrayed as a cat, i mean SERIOUSly what is with that? Toothless is this SUPER DANGEROUS NightFury-sorry, i'm distracted) In Race to the Edge, Hiccup's father, Stoick also has a dragon. What was Stoick's dragon's name and breed.
  10. In Race to the Edge, Viggo's fishing boat is filled with people sick from Odin's Scourge. Astrid gets infected and only the green Saliva from WHAT dragon will cure her?

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