Are you Hot topic or Hollister?

There alot of stores. Aero,Justice, Abercrombie,Rainbow. But the two main rivals that set a side two very different groups of People are Hot topic & Hollister!!

The Question is which one are you? Are you a Punk Rocker with A cool Edge like Hot topic? Or are Prep with a Bright flare like Hollister? The only way to find out is to take this Quiz! Go ahead!

Created by: Jeishka
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  1. Which one fits closest to your style?
  2. Do your shirts usually have Logos & solids or Band names & Prints?
  3. Do you wear Bright colors Like Orange,Yellow,Pink or Dark Colors Like Black & Red
  4. Do you have a Unique style or a style that everyone wears?
  5. Do you love Paramore & wearing shirts about them?
  6. Do your friends Clothes look exactly similar to yours?
  7. Which Store do you shop at all the time?
  8. Which do like more Converse or Uggs?
  9. Which do like better?
  10. Is Your fav store in a Category with Aeropostale or Rainbow?

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Quiz topic: Am I Hot topic or Hollister?