What store are you?

Where do you like to shop? Are you a Hollister hottie, or a Justice Cutie? Do you like Aeropostale, or Abercrombie? What do people think when they look at what you wear? Do they think, 'wow look at her!'? Or do people just think that you have a certain type of style? Find out now!

What kind of style do you have? Are you a Cali kind of girl or a NYC kind of girl? Will you spend your whole life shopping, or your whole life surfing up some rad waves? Calabunga! Hollister, Justice, it all depends with this great quiz!

Created by: pieisreallygood456

  1. What store do you like to shop at?
  2. What style do you have?
  3. What food do you like to eat?
  4. What kind of guy would you date?
  5. What website do you like to go on?
  6. What beverage do you like to drink?
  7. What would you rather do?
  8. What do you write with?
  9. If you were to have a celeb boyfriend, who would it be?
  10. Lastly, the ultimate question: How would your friends describe you?

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Quiz topic: What store am I?