How well do you know GS OT?

There are many forums on the Interwebs. However, not all forums are created equal. Some forums are for those who have no brain (aka 4chan), and some forums are for those who use their brain. Off Topic is where it is at!

This is a quiz based off of GameSpot's Off Topic forum to see how much of an OTer you are. Off Topic is among the most popular forums on videogame site GameSpot. Are you an OTer? Take this test to find out!

Created by: Tyler Willey

  1. First off, what percent of OTers are under the age of 18
  2. Which mod is responsible for the popular WAYLT threads?
  3. Which GameSpot employee was fired over review of the game "Kane and Lynch?"
  4. Which OT user is known for his love of the band "The Cure?"
  5. Which forum is the Off-Topic forum's retarted sibling?
  6. Who do most OT users want to win for the upcoming US presidential elections?
  7. Which OT user was once a mod but isn't anymore?
  8. Which of these internet memes is a modable offense on gamespot?
  9. Who created the latest "Roll Call" thread?
  10. Which OT user creates the semi-popular threads "Band of the week!"?
  11. Which of these OT users is female?
  12. Which anti-abortion OT user is very outspoken when it comes to homosexuality and the right to life?
  13. Which of these are NOT a GS user?
  14. Who created the "Sig/Avay/Banner...Rate/Request/Discussion Thread.... You know the drill" thread?
  15. Which OT user is a known libertarian with an avatar that features a fat ugly guy on it?
  16. Finally, which OT user created the previous thread which I based this quiz off of?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know GS OT?