The Ultimate WWE Fan Test

WWE Questions about: Superstars, Finisher Moves, Theme Songs, Divas, Hall of Famers, Arenas, Records etc... Try it out, in my opinion this is the best WWE non-official quiz ever made until now.

Can you overcome the history of the WWE ??? Here comes 40 questions some easy, some hard, but one thing i'll tell you, you will not get to 80%. Think you have what it takes?

Created by: Bruno Figo
  1. Who won the 2007 Royal Rumble match?
  2. Who's the chairman of the WWE?
  3. Which of these two superstars are members of D-Generation X?
  4. Who did John Cena faced in Wrestlemania 23 for the WWE Championship?
  5. What is Rob Van Dam's finishing maneuver?
  6. Who was the first diva to ever enter in a Royal Rumble match?
  7. Mark William Calaway is the real name of which superstar?
  8. What was the theme song for 2006's Cyber Sunday pay-per-view?
  9. Which superstar is on the cover of "WWE SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain" videogame?
  10. Who was the original leader of the Nexus?
  11. Who was the host of Wrestlemania XXVII?
  12. Which superstar was in the movie "The Condemned"?
  13. Starship Pain is the finishing maneuver of?
  14. Against which superstar did Chris Benoit wrestle before he died?
  15. Who are the security for Seth Rollins?
  16. Against who was the first rivalry of The Great Khali?
  17. In what year did Edge got inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?
  18. Who ended Ric Flair's career at Wrestlemania?
  19. Which of these superstars is not a third generation superstar?
  20. Which is concidered by many the best rivalry ever?
  21. Which is concidered by many the best rivalry ever?
  22. Who was the first man ever to win a Royal Rumble match?
  23. Where was held the first ever Summerslam pay-per-view?
  24. Who was the entry number 1 of the 2007 Royal Rumble match?
  25. Which match did The Great Khali invented?
  26. Who performed the master lock challenge?
  27. Which WWE movie did Edge entered?
  28. What is Stone Cold Steve Austin's catchphrase?
  29. Who was the most controvertial superstar of 2011?
  30. In what era did John Cena debut in?
  31. In what year did Kane debut in?
  32. In 2007 WWE had 3 official brands, those where RAW, SmackDown! and?
  33. The match John Cena vs Rob Van Dam at 2006 One Night Stand was so shocking because?
  34. Who of these following choices is not a WWE Referee?
  35. Which of these deceised superstars isn't a Hall of Famer?
  36. Who started off the show at the 1000th episode of Monday Night RAW?
  37. Who was the Monday Night RAW theme Song at the year of 2005?
  38. Who was the tallest superstar in the history of WWE?
  39. Who is the most successfull manager?
  40. Who calls himself the most must see WWE superstar of all time?

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