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  • i actually had fun answerinq tha qestionz...wat i did not lyk was qeetin nothin bCK !!!

    RUBYY Apr 8 '11, 7:46PM
  • uhmm....this is soo f---ing dumb dude...
    did all the stupid questions for nothing...
    this is all CRAP!
    questions were kinda fun to answer but not later on..
    u just dissapoint ppl and give them nowthing but idea how to waste their quality time... soo GET A LIFE YO!!

    LittleCuteGirl Mar 24 '11, 9:08PM
  • stupid dumb quiz i wasted my time for this crap

    LoveBite Mar 15 '11, 3:08PM
  • WTF is grosome?

    Lozzahottie Jan 26 '11, 12:17PM
  • oh my gosh what a dumb quiz i answered all those quetions for nothing man them quizes should be baN

    bieberfever4ever May 26 '10, 11:27AM
  • what does grosome mean? Gruesome? If so does that mean he likes me or not? I am confused!!!

    paperpepper May 23 '10, 5:23PM
  • Thats dumb! I answered all those questions for no results!

    Actress97 May 20 '10, 4:05PM

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