How Stone are you?

How Stone are you? Do you know your local heroes and your town landmarks? The town can proudly trace its roots back to the Saxon era, but plenty has gone on in the past 1,300 years too.

Stone's claims to fame include being the place where Hovis bread was invented. Take our fun quiz to find out if you have what it takes to do the town proud on Mastermind.

Created by: Kerry Ashdown of Staffordshire Newsletter
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  1. What is the town of Stone named after?
  2. Where was a seal from the Stone Priory recently rediscovered?
  3. The Alleyne's school (now Alleyne's Academy) was founded in which year?
  4. The landlord of the Crown Hotel held what other town position from 1575 to the turn of the 19th century?
  5. What area are Stone people still entitled to graze their beasts on each summer, in exchange for a fee?
  6. The town's main war memorial is at the top of the High Street. Where else in Stone can you find a war memorial?
  7. Which politician once switched on Stone's Christmas lights?
  8. Which British seafaring hero is buried in the churchyard at St Michael and St Wulfad's
  9. Which of these breweries has NOT been based in Stone?
  10. Which Olympian who represented Great Britain in the London 2012 Games hails from Stone?

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