How Stafford are you?

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How well do you know Stafford, the county town of Staffordshire? Are you a true Staffordian? Or do you need to get out into the town more and do your research on the town?

These questions will test your knowledge on the town, past and present. Put your Stafford credentials to the test. Take the quiz to find out just how Stafford you really are!

Created by: Staffordshire Newsletter of Staffordshire Newsletter
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  1. Which of these musical acts is NOT from Stafford?
  2. What is the name of the town's main park?
  3. On which street is café The Soup Kitchen based?
  4. Which of these can Stafford boast?
  5. Which of these was NOT a former name of the nightclub currently known as Couture?
  6. What was the latest Shakespeare play performed at Stafford Castle?
  7. Who is the mascot for Stafford Rangers Football Club?
  8. In what year did Queen Elizabeth II last visit Stafford?
  9. Which of these pub chains has inhabited a former cinema in the town?
  10. What is the name of the primary school in Wildwood?

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Quiz topic: How Stafford am I?